Mark Voce, Assistant Chief Inspector visits Refugee Council session in Brixton

As part of the ICIUKBA’s ongoing commitment to a delivery-focussed inspection programme on asylum, Assistant Chief Inspector Mark Voce and his team visited the Refugee Council in Brixton last week.

It was an excellent opportunity for Mark and his team to speak directly to the Refugee Council’s clients to determine whether they feel that the UKBA are delivering fast and fair decisions on their asylum applications.

Mark and his team gathered feedback from a number of asylum seekers and refugees on how they felt their applications were being handled and if they were being kept up-to-date at each stage of the process.

The outcome was extremely positive, Mark Voce said:

“The team spoke to ten asylum seekers and refugees and collected some very positive feedback. Hearing firsthand the thoughts and experiences of those people who are subject to UKBA services provides us with an invaluable source of information.
“Asylum is a key area of UKBA activity and, as an inspectorate, we intend to scrutinise the effectiveness of decision making and the quality of correspondence between the Agency and asylum applicants.”

More about the Refugee Council, Brixton:
The Refugee Council in Brixton provides a ‘One Stop Service’ to help asylum seekers and refugees in London boroughs. The Refugee Council runs a One-Day Induction programme for newly arrived asylum seekers, which explains the asylum and support processes and asylum seekers’ rights and responsibilities while in the UK. The London office also has a day centre that provides food, clothing and English language classes.

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