Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency publishes first annual report on the Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI)

The Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA), John Vine CBE QPM, has today published the first annual report of the Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI).

  • This report documents progress made since March 2009 when the Independent Chief Inspector established the IAGCI, under the chairmanship of Dr Khalid Koser, to make recommendations about the content of material produced by the UKBA’s Country of Origin Information (COI) service.

COI is produced by the UKBA and consists of reports, key documents and other products used in procedures that assess claims of individuals to refugee status or other forms of international and humanitarian protection. It should help answer questions by decision-makers and legal advisers about the legal, political, human rights, cultural, economic and social situation as well as the humanitarian situation in countries of origin.

The IAGCI review the content of all COI produced by the UKBA to help ensure it is as accurate, balanced, impartial and up to date as possible. Its relevance, format and user-friendliness are also reviewed as well as the UKBA’s sources, methods of research and quality controls.

By the end of January 2010, the IAGCI will have reviewed six Country of Origin Information Reports on the following countries:

  • The federal region of Iraq governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq (KRG)
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Zimbabwe
  • China
  • Somalia.

The IAGCI has also reviewed two Country of Origin Key Documents on Kosovo and South Korea.

The IAGCI is made up of independent experts and representatives from relevant United Kingdom and international organisations operating in the country information, asylum and refugee fields. Membership is at the invitation of the Independent Chief Inspector.

John Vine said: “I am very pleased to publish the first annual report on the Independent Advisory Group on Country Information.

“I regard timely, good-quality and impartial country information as crucial in contributing towards a fair asylum system in the United Kingdom. The IAGCI plays a vital role in driving improvement in this important area of work and maintaining confidence in the quality of country information produced by the UK Border Agency.”

Download the report in full as a PDF here:

Alternatively the full annual report of the IAGCI can be viewed alongside previous inspection reports

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