Independent Chief Inspector publishes unannounced inspection report on Loughborough Reporting Centre

The Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency, John Vine CBE QPM, has today published a report into an unannounced inspection of the UK Border Agency’s Loughborough reporting centre.

The inspection of the Loughborough reporting centre took place on 15 July 2010 and is the third unannounced inspection to be published by the Independent Chief Inspector to date.

The Independent Chief Inspector noted that UK Border Agency staff at the Loughborough reporting centre demonstrated professionalism and dedication, and treated people with respect and courtesy. People using the reporting centre were seen promptly and generally within the local target time. The reporting centre was found to be bright, modern and clean.

However, the Independent Chief Inspector was concerned to find that people using the reporting centre did not have access to interpretation facilities. Additionally, the inspection team observed staff asking another person using the centre to act as an interpreter. This practice is unacceptable and clearly breaches confidentiality between the UK Border Agency and the person reporting.

John Vine said: “I am pleased to present the report of my recent unannounced inspection of the Loughborough reporting centre. Unannounced inspections of frontline services are essential to ensure the UK Border Agency is delivering fair, consistent and respectful services.”

Download the full report as a PDF here:

Loughborough Unannounced Inspection Report

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