Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency publishes report on Civil Penalties Compliance Team

A report published today by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has found that the UK Border Agency has a largely passive approach towards the Civil Penalties scheme and has been too accommodating towards employers’ attempts to reduce penalties.

As part of a wider inspection into the UK Border Agency’s operations in the North West of England region, the Independent Chief Inspector, John Vine CBE QPM noted that there was a disparity between the publicised amount of penalties issued by the UK Border Agency and payments actually collected.

Mr Vine said, “During this inspection, I was disappointed to find that reporting of financial information was misleading and lacking in transparency. Additionally, the findings of this report were consistent with my 2009 inspection of the Juxtaposed Controls at Calais and Coquelles. In that civil penalties scheme, I also found that the level of penalties collected was only a fraction of the amount imposed. The UK Border Agency should review the efficiency and effectiveness of both these schemes.”  

Download the full report as a PDF here:

An inspection of the Civil Penalties Compliance Team – Illegal Working

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