Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency publishes report on the UK Border Agency’s Nationality Group

A report published today by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has found that Nationality Group was efficient in its operations and provided a high level of personal service in maintaining contact with applicants. 

As part of a wider inspection into the UK Border Agency’s operations in the North West of England region, the Independent Chief Inspector, John Vine CBE QPM said, “Nationality Group did the simple things well and as a result was able to deliver a good service to their customers. I very much hope the UK Border Agency will now consider how Nationality Group’s effective working practices can be shared with and applied to other areas of the UK Border Agency.”

Mr Vine noted that Nationality Group’s targets were realistic but also challenging and were clear, well understood and used effectively by managers to improve performance. Furthermore, this strong focus on meeting performance targets did not result in unintended or perverse outcomes.

Mr Vine also found that the continual improvement of working practices was embedded within Nationality Group. Staff and managers at all levels were involved in the identification and elimination of areas of duplication, weakness and waste in relation to processes.

Nationality Group deals with people who are typically at the very end of the immigration process and who are paying to apply for British citizenship. Successful applicants are granted citizenship and are eligible to apply for a British passport. 

Download the full report as a PDF here:

An Inspection of Nationality Group – Management of Applications for British Citizenship

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