Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency publishes report on Local Immigration Teams

A report published today by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has found that Local Immigration Teams (LITs) in the North West regions of Salford and Central Manchester, and Merseyside need to develop performance measures to allow the Agency to assess their impact.  

LITs are currently being rolled out across the UK with the aim of improving service delivery and liaison between the UK Border Agency and other local partners such as the police, local government and local employers. National coverage is expected by December 2011.

As part of a wider inspection into the UK Border Agency’s operations in the North West of England region, the Independent Chief Inspector, John Vine CBE QPM found that specific performance measures need to be established to allow the Agency to assess the impact of LITs and allow best practice and lessons learned to be shared across other UK Border Agency regions.

Mr Vine was pleased to note that the Regional Director of the North West of England was praised by staff for openness and honesty however communication and engagement could still be improved.

Mr Vine said “In this short inspection of how LITs are developing, I looked at how the LIT concept is being rolled out in the North West of England region. I did not find evidence that the UK Border Agency were yet in a position to measure improvement in the service to the public that the LIT structures were designed to bring about.”

Download the full report as a pdf here:

Local Immigration Teams_The Change Management Process

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