The Independent Chief Inspector has been Commissioned by the Home Secretary to Carry Out Two Investigations Following the Publication of the Asylum Legacy Report

Following the publication of the Chief Inspectors report on Asylum Legacy, the Home Secretary has commissioned the Chief Inspector to carry out two follow up investigations, looking at the UKBA Performance and Compliance Unit (PCU) and the Case Assurance and Audit Unit (CAAU) in 2013.

 The first investigation will look at the establishment of the new UKBA Performance and Compliance team, to identify whether it has the right structures and processes in place to operate effectively and allow proper Ministerial and Board oversight to take place.  This new unit will be responsible for the internal audit and assurance of the work of UKBA.

 The Chief Inspector will also undertake an investigation into the UKBA’s progress to conclude the reopened and live cases identified from the CAAU.  This investigation will also consider whether CAAU’s caseworking and management processes and guidance are consistent and effective.

 The timescales for these two investigations are still being finalised but the Chief Inspector aims to report back on both by the spring of 2013.

 John Vine, CBE QPM said:

 “The inspection into the handling of legacy asylum and migration cases highlighted some serious concerns about the way the Agency dealt with this area of work. The follow up investigation into CAAU will identify whether the recommendations from the asylum legacy report have been adopted effectively by the Agency. Equally important will be the investigation into the establishment of the PCU, which is in effect the internal inspectorate for Agency and BF work.

 I aim to have both these investigations concluded by the spring of 2013, whilst continuing to deliver the remainder of our planned inspection schedule.”


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