Independent Chief Inspector Publishes Updated Inspection Criteria

In March 2011 the Independent Chief Inspector published revised inspection criteria for inspecting the effectiveness and efficiency of the UK Border Agency. Today (26th February 2013) the Independent Chief Inspector has published an updated version of his inspection criteria., under the themes of:

• Operational Delivery

• Safeguarding Individuals

• Continuous Improvement

The Independent Chief Inspector, John Vine, CBE QPM said:

“The purpose of the revised criteria was to further clarify the standards that I expected the UK Border Agency and Border Force to meet, and to allow me to produce reports with a clearer focus on outcomes and realistic and deliverable recommendations. I believe this has broadly been achieved.

I believe, however, that it is important to conduct a regular review of the criteria, to ensure that they continue to be relevant. For this reason, I have reviewed the criteria again, to consider whether any additional revisions are required following the first 18 months of operation.”

The latest inspection criteria can be accessed here.

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