Yearly Archives: 2015

The Chief Inspector publishes his inspection report on How the Home Office Tackles Illegal Working.

There are no reliable estimates for the numbers of migrants working illegally in the UK. They try to stay beneath the radar, and their employers are either negligent in respect of their obligations to check their employees’ ‘right to work’ ... published December 17, 2015

The Chief Inspector publishes his inspection report on Removals

Foreword to the Chief Inspector’s report on Removals The enforced removal from the UK of individuals who have no legal right to remain is costly and complex. The Home Office therefore looks to encourage such individuals to leave the UK ... published

The Chief Inspector publishes a Supplementary Annual Report covering the period November 2014 – March 2015

Foreword This Supplementary Annual Report covers the period November 2014 to March 2015, and should be read in conjunction with the Annual Report 2013-2014, published in December 2014. This report covers the final two months of my predecessor John Vine’s ... published

The Chief Inspector conducted an Inspection of Settlement Casework.

The foreword to the Chief Inspector’s report on Settlement Casework The term ‘Settlement’ describes the right to stay permanently in the UK. It is referred to as Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) if granted overseas or at port, and Indefinite Leave to Remain ... published November 19, 2015

The Chief Inspector conducted a Short-Notice Inspection of the Amman Visa Section.

The Amman Visa Section had improved the quality of its decision-making and of its record-keeping since it was last inspected in 2010. Managers and staff showed a strong commitment to customer service in their efforts to maintain high standards. However, ... published October 15, 2015