‘Lorry drops’, Country of Origin Information and Intelligence reports published today

The Secretary of State has today published the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s report on the Home Office response to ‘lorry drops’. The report examines how effectively the Home Office managed the increase in the number of migrants who entered the UK concealed in a heavy goods vehicle.

The report found that the Home Office had maintained the quality of its initial response despite the significant increase in ‘lorry drops’. The report also found that:

  • there was a risk that minors placed in the care of social services would run away
  • the Home Office was not as strong when identifying potential victims of trafficking
  • the number of initial decisions on asylum claims fell well short of the increased number of claims made.

The inspection looked at how the Home Office worked with its partners, in particular with police forces, when dealing with ‘lorry drops’. It also examined how it handled the immigration cases of the individuals encountered.

The Home Office accepted three recommendations in full and three in part, out of the six recommendations made by the report.

Notes to editor

The report published today was submitted to the Secretary of State on 27 April 2016. It makes six recommendations for improvements.

Today, the Home Secretary has also laid before Parliament two reports by the Independent Chief Inspector David Bolt:

Alongside the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s inspection report, the Home Office has published its responses to the reports published today.

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