The Chief Inspector has published a report on Country of Origin Information

David Bolt, Independent Chief inspector of Borders and Immigration, said:

“My latest report on the country of origin information (COI) produced by the Home Office, which was sent to the Home Secretary on 11 May 2017, looks at information about conditions in Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt and Sri Lanka for particular groups, including ethnic and religious minorities, and opponents to the government.

In it, in addition to the recommendations about the detailed information contained in the reports that have been reviewed, I make two overarching recommendations.  The first relates to the need for the Home Office to distinguish more clearly between country information and its policy position on the likely strength of asylum or humanitarian claims. The second concerns the ‘legal test’ it uses to assess the availability of state protection, which I believe requires clarification.

As ever, I am grateful to the members of the Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI), without whose work I could not fulfil my statutory responsibility to consider and make recommendations about the COI compiled by the Home Office for use in immigration and asylum decisions.”

An Inspection of Country of Origin Information

Further information

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