Work in Progress

Completed inspection reports awaiting publication

  • Border Force operations at six East Coast Seaports
  • Border Force operations at Gatwick Airport (South Terminal)
  • A re-inspection of Tier 4 Curtailment
  • A re-inspection of Complaints Handling
  • A short inspection of the Home Office’s application of the good character requirement in the case of young persons who apply for registration as British citizens
  • A re-inspection of Administrative Reviews

Live inspections

  • Visa Operations at Croydon and Istanbul
  • An interim re-inspection of Family Reunion applications received at the Istanbul Entry Clearance Decision Making Centre
  • Reporting arrangements, including the work of Reporting Centres
  • Removals, focusing on Foreign National Offenders
  • Asylum Casework
  • An Inspection of Status Reviews and Deprivation of Citizenship
  • The Home Office’s use of Country of Origin Information
  • An Inspection of Litigation and Learning
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